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Do You Need: Credit Repair?

We make it easy to get re-established with our Credit Repair Services. We start with your Credit Report…remove your collections, derogatory, and any Public Records. Then once cleaned we build it up with our Credit-Building Services, and before you know it you’re getting approved for your own credit cards, home, auto, and other purchases.  read more

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Do You Need: Funding?

We fund personal files from $50K to $100K. We Specialize in Building & Restoring your Credit on your Personal file, to enable you to qualify for loans. Credit Build-Up and Funding Approval in 3-6 Weeks. Ask for a Free Credit Report Analysis & Funding Proposal with a detailed Strategy & timeline to Funding Approval.  read more

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Do You Need: Tradelines?

Looking for Personal Trade line or Business Tradelines for your corporation? Our Personal & Business Tradelines will report to your Credit Report,TIN, EIN, and Duns & Bradstreet number in 3 to 4 weeks, they will help to build up your Personal and Business credit profile and put you on the path to success. Our Personal Tradelines are the best you can find anywhere, and are Guarantee to post or your Money Back. CCS Credit Repair will consult & partner with you and your business to help make your dreams come true.  read more

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Do You Need: SCN Package?

We offer a Package Deal on Secondary Credit Number(SCN) that has been thoroughly Scanned from NexisLexis, you will get a full report showing the details, plus three tradelines that will give you a FICO score of 700 or higher, We will also get funding of $40K to $50K if needed at only 12%-15% on the backend.  read more


Things We Can Remove:

Late Payments
Charge Off
Child Support
Tax Liens
Identity Theft
Incorrect Personal Information
Closed Accounts
Negative Settlements 
and much more…


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