Credit Repair / Inquiry Removal


If you have bad credit and need to get it repaired quickly, we can help you! We have a proprietary system that we use to get it done fast. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!
Credit Sweep – Done in 60 Days or Less!

Are you seeking a REAL Credit Sweep Company? Tired of NOT knowing who to trust. We DO NOT use Police Reports are ANY OTHER unethical methods. We DO NOT mail your typical dispute letters. THOSE methods DON’T Work. We know the laws and know how to FORCE the bureaus to remove items based on inaccurate and erroneous reporting. We can REMOVE PERMANENTLY- BK’s- Judgments- Late Pays- Collections and Charge-off’s- Foreclosures- Inquiries and MUCH MORE. Act now and have your credit restored in 60 days or less for only $1995.

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Inquiry Removal

Most people are not aware how devastating credit inquiries can be to their credit score. When you are out “shopping” for rates for credit cards, mortgages, and loans, you need to know how the lenders are seeing your application. Every time your credit report is pulled by someone OTHER than yourself, you get one of these “credit inquiries” that shows up on your credit report for everyone to see. They actually stay on your credit report for YEARS! If you have multiple credit inquiries, you will be penalized many points on your credit scores, and therefore the score that the lenders see will NOT truly be a reflection of what your REAL credit looks like. These credit inquiries are so annoying because it is a slick way for the credit bureaus and lenders to control your options. It is an unfair system, but you DON’T have to be a victim of it. You CAN get the credit inquiries removed from your credit report, and WE can do it in just a few days! We can remove Inquiries from all 3 credit bureaus for only $375 per bureau.



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