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Before you use the advice given by Creative Capital Solutions or retain us to represent you, your business, project or venture we require that you read and acknowledge these terms of service:
1. The financial advice and all financially classified services rendered by Creative Capital Solutions are being provided by Kyle Freeman and his associates within full compliance of all applicable state and federal laws.
2. Creative Capital Solutions is made up of a Team of individual business owners and service providers that work under the direction of Kyle Freeman and under the umbrella of the entity Creative Capital Solutions.
3. Creative Capital Solutions adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and transparency and expects the same of the clients we serve however all exchanges of information are to be deemed confidential unless both parties (i.e. the client and Creative Capital Solutions) formally agree to sharing specific information. A full disclosure on information sharing must be agreed to prior to distribution of any content.
4. The services provided by Creative Capital Solutions are proprietary and are not meant for public consumption as the results are not likely to be the same if/when attempted by others without our collective expertise.
5. In the event of disassociation, you, as a client of Creative Capital Solutions, formally agree to arbitration prior to seeking civil litigation and furthermore agree to never slander or perform libel using any medium against our company. This is a necessary requirement to ensure our control over reputation management in the unfortunate event that the worst case scenario happens and a client becomes upset or unhappy with us. Creative Capital Solutions is dedicated to complete client satisfaction and we strive for excellence in all of the services we provide so we do not plan on this ever being an issue however this disclosure needs to be stated.
6. Creative Capital Solutions only associates with individuals and companies who have a proven track record of superior client satisfaction and excellent delivery of the products and services they provide. Creative Capital Solutions formally associates with individual business owners and companies who provide turnkey products and/or services under our umbrella. These individual services providers and companies are sometimes referred by Creative Capital Solutions directly when doing so is a direct benefit to the client and/or needs to be separated from the products/services being provided by Creative Capital Solutions directly.
7. Creative Capital Solutions adheres to all applicable state and federal laws governing the delivery of the products and/or services that we provide to our clients. We encourage our clients to openly ask questions when they are not clear on any subject, product or service.
8. Creative Capital Solutions is not a law firm and does not provide legal financial advice as classified by the SEC however we do have licensed professionals that we refer to our clients.
9. Additional aspects of formal disclosure may be provided that have not been stated herein based on the unique nature of our relationship with each client individually.


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