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Creative Capital Solutions can get you funding. We have programs for both Personal Funding and Corporate Funding. We can help you every step of the way until you get funded.


We can help you get Approvals in 2 Days and Funding in 7 Days

Additional Benefits:

12.1% Average APR

Many cards offer 0% APR for the first 2 years

Up to $50K per Lender

27 Lenders Available

Stated Income (NO Tax Returns!)

NO Upfront Fees!

Program Overview

NO Upfront Costs. 15% Success Fee on the Back-End. If your Credit meets the Credit

Requirements below, then you can go on our Personal Funding Program. This Program is

designed to get you Approved for Personal Unsecured Credit Cards and is a FULL SERVICE

Program in the sense that we complete and manage all Credit Card Applications for you – All

you need to do is provide any supporting Documentation Lenders may ask for, such as Utility

Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement, etc. in a timely manner so your Applications can be

Approved as quickly as possible.

$25K to $100K in Total Personal Unsecured Credit Card Approvals is realistic to expect

within 3 Weeks.


1. 3+ Years of Clean Credit History (Ideally 5+ Years):

No Derogatory Items or at least none in the recent past.

Note: If your Credit History is not at least 3 Years Old, we can add Seasoned Tradelines to your

Credit Report so you meet this Requirement, and if you have Recent and/or Unresolved

Derogatory Items, we can show you how to remove them.

2. 3+ Open Revolving Credit Accounts:

Note: If you don’t have at least 3 Open Revolving Accounts, then we can add Seasoned

Tradelines to your Credit Report so you meet this Requirement.


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3. 30% or Lower Revolving Debt Ratio:

If your Combined Unsecured Revolving Debt is more than 30% of your Combined Unsecured

Revolving Credit Limit, then you will need to pay down the Unsecured Debt to under 30%.

Note: We can add Seasoned Trade lines to your Credit Report to dilute the Revolving Debt Ratio

down to under 30%.

4. 680+ Credit Scores:

If your Scores are under 680 we can take a look at your credit report to see what can be done

to increase your score above this minimum score.

Note: We can add Seasoned Trade lines to dramatically increase your Credit Scores and the

overall Quality of your Personal Credit History in only 3 Weeks! It’s common to see Credit Scores

jump up 50 to 150 Points in 3 Weeks – This is the Real Deal.

5. No More Than 6 Inquiries per Credit Bureau in the last 90 Days:




Think you may of someone who could use our services? Become an Affiliate, and receive an

instant discount on your trade line pricing. Earn additional CASH by referring your family

and friends to our Credit Enhancement Services.


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If you need a corporation to get funding, we can help you with everything from beginning to funding between 90 – 180 days. Our setup package includes everything from 411 listing, tradelines, DnB, articles, name change and more. To get started today, Click the Order Button above or call our office.



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