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Can you Explain in Detail How Your Trade Lines Works?

Need To Enhance Your Credit?

Our Authorized User Services can jump start your credit rebuilding process! In less than 30 days you can be on your way to the credit and funding that you need & deserve. Below is the current list of Authorized User trade lines that we have available to assist you in enhancing your credit profile. Each trade line is sold separately and is priced according to the length of credit history and the amount of the credit line.


What Is An Authorized User?

According to, it is the act of an individual contacting a creditor and adding an authorized user onto a credit card account. It allows the authorized user to have the primary account holder’s credit history show up on his credit report. This can be a tremendous benefit for anyone who is having trouble building a credit history on their own, since an authorized user does not need to go through a credit check to be added to the primary cardholder’s account. The authorized user strategy is one that has been used for many years to help jump start the credit enhancement process.

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So How Does it Work?


All trade lines listed are priced according to the age of the trade-line and the credit limit. Each trade-line has an accompanying statement date. This date is used to determine the date that the trade-lines should appear on your actual credit report. All trade-lines should post 1- 2 weeks after statement date. Note* If the trade-line doesn’t post within the stated time lines, we will find a comparable replacement within 3 business days and you will receive a FREE 3 day/ 2 night get-a-way vacation. If your trade line doesn’t post within the stated time lines, and we can’t offer an immediate replacement of equal or greater value, you will receive a FREE 8 day/ 7 night get-a-way vacation. 100% Money Back Guarantee – If 2 statement dates pass without successfully posting.


How long does it take for trade lines to post on the credit report?

Each trade line is an account that reports monthly. This means, the bank collects all the information associated with that trade line (the age, limit, balance, payment history, authorized users, etc.) and sends it to the credit bureaus. This, usually, happens every month. However, some banks report weekly (especially store cards).   

How far in advance should I order my trade lines?

In order to have the trade line added to your credit report, you must have been added to the trade line prior to the bank collecting all of the information they will eventually send to the credit bureaus. It’s recommended to order your trade lines a couple weeks in advance (minimum) to insure your trade line will be included in the information the bank collects to send to the bureaus.

How does it boost my score?

When you add an authorized user trade line to your credit report, you are adding positive payment history, length of time you have established credit, and showing responsible use of credit by having an account with a low debt ratio. These are the factors that contribute to the 30 to 60 points average increase that we see with qualified authorized users.

How long will the line stay on my report?

It is important to note that authorized user trade lines are a temporary solution. While the average time a trade line will stay on your credit report is between 3 and 6 months, we recommend that you be ready to apply for your immediate credit goals right away. In the very unlikely case that the line falls off of your credit within the first 60 days, we will replace it at no charge, but it is in your best interest to be ready to use your credit right away when the trade line posts.

What guarantees do you offer?

Because of the many factors that go into determining your full credit score, it is impossible to guarantee a specific credit score increase. Our guarantee promises that our credit lines have perfect payment history, and less than 30% of the available credit being utilized. We also guarantee that our lines will report to a minimum of 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus within the contracted time. While 90% of the time our lines report to all 3 bureaus, there are occasionally factors outside of our control that can keep a line from hitting the 3rd bureau. If for whatever reason your line only hits one bureau, we will replace it at no charge. As most lenders take into account your mid-score, it should not lessen your ability to qualify for credit if your credit line reports to at least 2 bureaus.

How much do seasoned tradelines cost?

Quite often, clients ask, “how much seasoned tradelines cost?” This may seem like a long winded answer, but you deserve thoroughness. Seasoned trade lines range in price considering age, limit and balance. So, the price is not relevant unless you know what tradeline you need. You don’t know what tradeline you need unless you determine the deficiencies of your credit report (high debt to credit ratio, limit revolving accounts, etc.). So, the real question is “what tradeline do I need and how much does it cost?” That question can only be answered after a full analysis of your credit report, which takes into consideration your credit goals. People often search for “cheap tradelines” or “inexpensive seasoned tradelines”, but cutting these corners, you will likely end up disappointed with the results. How much does it cost for a seasoned tradeline? The answer depends on what you need. As a general guide, our prices TBD.

Is it possible to improve credit scores with seasoned tradelines?

Yes, it is possible to improve credit scores by adding seasoned tradelines. However, like many products, nothing is 100% guaranteed. If any person or company tells you a different story, that person or company is lying to you. For example, what if you have 20 revolving accounts and only 1 auto, 1 mortgage, 1 installment, etc, if you add another seasoned trade line (or revolving account) is not going to do much for your score. Another example, what if you have 10 collections and 5 charge offs? Well, adding tradelines is likely to raise your score, but you’d be lucky to receive a 5 point boost in this case. It’s important to take all the factors into consideration prior to buying tradelines. They are a power tool to raise your credit score, but they must be used properly.

What is the history or origins of seasoned tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines have been used for nearly 40 years by mortgage brokers and lenders. A seasoned tradeline or adding seasoned trade lines to your credit report to boost up your score became a popular way to boost credit scores because of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1974, which allowed the process to attach credit accounts, legally, to someone else.


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